HOW TO WRITE BSW FIELD WORK JOURNAL IGNOU ( 1st  year) (Bachelor of Social Work)

Maximum student confused how to write 5 days Orientation visit, 25 days concurrent visit, Individual conference and Group Conference,Case work, Group Work, community organisation etc. So i have given here some practical example of each subject separately with enough description so that you can write your journal by yourself.
I have given a field work plan according to that before you start your work you need to prepare a plan other wise you will face some difficulties later with your titles and other related contain details and than there will be no space to write again.
I have given some important tips and my own field work journal demonstration to overcome the field work journal tension easily You just look the field work journal demonstration and you will get a rough idea to set your target and I think then you will be able to write your own journal. So I hope this book will solve your problem.
So, at first make a plan for your field work according to your capacity and write it in your note book when and how you will start your field visit ? Because it will be very important to your field work journal otherwise you will jump in a sea without mesearing its depth and width and you will be frustrated because every field visit is related to other activity in the field work and you should plan each day work properly so that you can complete your task within your time frame. The date also much more important, each day activity you have to mention in the last side of the journal alongwith a suitable Title of the Day I have given two picture to clarify the thing better.



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