MSW (2nd Year)

Maximum student of MSW lose their hope due to incomplete of their field work journal, Lot of MSW student complete all the subject of MSW, exception is field work journal, the main reason behind are lack of proper guidance and lack of proper planning. So being a student of MSW and here i have given my personal planning , some important tips and my own field work journal demonstration to overcome the field work journal tension easily without anybody help. And the picture of the journal (manuscript) will confident you more how to write title of each day activities and how to set time frame to complete the work without any disturb. You just look the field work journal demonstration and you will get a rough idea to set your target and I think then you will be able to write your own journal according to your Chose, because maximum student are here afraid of confusion, how to write or start the journal and sometime lack of proper guidance of supervisor also make a great problem for students. So I hope this book will solve your problem.
So, at first make a plan for your field work according to your capacity and Chose and write it in your work book when and where you will start your field visit and how?because it will be very important to your field work journal otherwise you will jump in a sea without mesmerizing its depth and width and you will be frustrated because every field visit is related to other activity in the field work and you should plan each day work properly so that you can complete your task within your time frame. The date also much more important, each day activity you have to mention in the last side of the journal alongwith a suitable Title of the Day I have given two picture to clarify the thing better.
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