The concept of social work practicum and its usefulness to the student in BSW or MSW

The concept of social work practicum and its usefulness to the student

 Student usually get to two practice many  approaches in social work. They get chance to work with individual, groups, community and get some awareness of social administration, Social policy and Social action.  Along with the knowledge, students  need  to be aware of the skills, values and ethical guidelines  that  are  required for practice of social work. It in in very  useful to learn about  the   social practices  and values  of the community within which field practice happen.

We  know  well  that a student it  considering field work placement should accept personal  strength, weaknesses  and  emotions that could  help or impede field work. It is  important acknowledge what one expects  of the field placement, supervisor what one expect to learn.

it is necessary to say here that in preparing to be a professional social worker, the decision to become professional a social worker who is the first step to establish a professional identity and get affiliated to the professional group is a long process practicum is an important phase in this process. It is not an end as social workers keep growing and changing as skills  are homed and knowledge gets wider. Social Work practicum help the students identity with the profession and establish personal and professional boundaries. Fieldwork is an opportunity to adjust transitions variety for roles and stress.

It is important to say that in the United State of America social worker are  second only to police officers in that they are at risk of having work related violence directed toward them.  Student may confront sexual harassment which may be verbal or nonverbal, ranging from sexual jokes to sexual intercourse. It can include asking for unwanted dates, unwanted touching, pressure for sexual activity, comments about body, sexual boasting, sexist and homophobic comments.

 It is necessary to say that supervision is a form of teaching by a seasoned social work practitioner who imparts training and education with some level of authority the mentoring relationship would include advising, consulting, understanding and helping. It is difference from the job supervision because practicum supervision involve a teacher-learner relationship and not  to oversee if the job is performed well.

 It is wise to state here that expectations differ from one organisation to another. A student also comes in with expectation of the organisation. The student work within the organisation values, objectives, philosophies and resources. Knowledge of the organisation is important to offer the best possible service to clients and for work with staff and other agencies.

 we may say here that to prepare for termination at the end of the practicum period, the student gets ready to close cases and projects. This closure is important for the student to come to terms with the end of practicum and focus on knowledge, skills and values gain during practicum, and note areas of learning for the future. An evolution of what the student has learned is useful reinforce the gains. It may be a good time to note what the student has contributed to the agency it is important to end relationship with staff, co-workers and  field instructor .                                                                                   



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