Objective of Fieldwork in Social Work Education

Today, field work is perceived as a noteworthy and indispensable part in expert social work training in view of its suggestions for expert practice.

Social work, being objective situated and intercession arranged professional instruction, goes for assisting social work students with acquiring and disguise profound information of the hypothesis and systems for accomplishing social work goals. The social work student needs to become familiar with each down to earth perspective amid his/her two years of postgraduate preparing program. Further, they need to secure a comprehension of the standards, ideas, approaches and procedures, which establish the calling of social work. Through the field work program social work learner is set up to be a skilled expert social specialist.

A learner social work trainee while in the field attempts to translate and analyse the circumstance out of sight of the information and comprehension and accordingly causes acclimation to the circumstances. Hence, field work goes for building up the

1.            Development of expert abilities through figuring out how to utilize information for the examination and investigation of issues and choice of fitting intends to understand them;

2.            Development of aptitudes in critical thinking at the large scale and small scale levels;

3.            Integration of study hall learning with field practice;

4.            Development of aptitudes required for expert practice at the specific dimension of preparing;

5.            Development of expert disposition, qualities and duty; and

6.            Development of mindfulness and expert perfect.

The targets of field work preparing in social work training at last developed upon the instructive and administration destinations of social work. These are identified with the subject matters, aptitudes, dispositions, points of view, and activity inside a dynamic hypothetical structure.



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