EXPIRY DATE REMINDER (Using Excel Formula)

Expire date mean a certain date when use of goods after this time duration will be illegal or inactive. Expiry has various categories in wide range. Like ...
1. Personal document expiry
2. MOT Testing, Emission Testing Vehicle insurance expiry
3. Goods or item expiry
4. Medicine expiry
5. Food item ,Etc.
We use excel for our official work and it gives us tremendous result to reduce our labor and save our valuable time with complete accuracy , in the same if we use this “excel” program for our personal life, our life will be very systematic, easy and tension less, isn’t it better? To track expiry date we need such program useful.
EXPIRY DATE REMINDER is very useful essential thing in our daily life. Now a days we are very much busy with our daily work. We are so much busy that we always forget to check the expiry date of our valuable goods in time for that reason we face lot of monetary loss and mental pressure. Some time it has a great adverse affect in our life. Assume, A person in the way to a hospital with his wife for an emergence reason at that time one Traffic officer checked my vehicle insurance ( or MOT/ Emission Certificate) and found it is expired then he not only consumed his valuable time and money by asking lot of question but also will give a mental tension. Or assume, if some one give an expired medicine to his father within hurry without checking that by mistake and it will make a side effect in such way that his father may dead. One more example, If some one is going to withdraw money from his ATM for an emergency reason or going to pay some money to a shop keeper via ATM CARD but suddenly. He discovered that it is expired then what he will do. ?!!
Such type of incident happen in our life for our little mistake to check the expiry date time to time but it is not easy to check the expiry date daily or regularly of every items we use, we have no so much time but if we make a simple chart in excel once and if it automatically calculate each items expiry date and remind us regularly before it expire then we will get enough time to be aware what to do for that time and we will not face any big trouble in our life. Is not it better than previous situation? So expiry date remember is very much important in our life in several cases to easy our life style.


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